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Indago Member Testimonials

  • "When asked if I was interested in joining the Indago research community, I jumped at the opportunity [based on the people involved]. They have put together a group of peers across the industry to answer 2 to 3 question quick surveys weekly. I have a chance to benchmark best practices across the supply chain. At the end of the day, it does not really matter what you make or sell, it all follows the same path to the end customer. A few minutes of my Monday are spent answering questions that benefits the charity partner I have chosen. It is a very small time investment to make a difference in someone’s life who will benefit from the charity. We also benefit by benchmarking our practices with those of the group."

    VP of Supply Chain $100-500M Consumer Goods Company
  • I decided to join Indago for two reasons. One is to be part of a group that provides real time feedback from companies on topics in the supply chain world. The second reason is that Indago supports charities that make the world a better place. It’s a great one - two combination!

    Director of Freight & Warehousing $1B+ Food & Beverage Company
  • "Joining Indago has been great. On a monthly basis I complete an easy, 5 minute survey about important topics in Supply Chain (I often complete the survey on my smartphone). I find value in completing the survey; it gives me a reason to spend a moment defining my perspective on strategic topics. In return, I am able to see the results of the survey and the perspectives of my peers. On a few occasions, I’ve reconsidered my position based on what the community suggests, and other times, I’m happy to see the validation of my views (especially on topics that have been overhyped in the trade journals). Because the surveys are anonymous, it’s a risk free way to engage the Supply Chain community and get quick, honest feedback."

    VP of Operations Food & Beverage Company
  • "The surveys are straight-forward and to the point and take very little time to complete. I benefit from receiving the results of the surveys, which provide useful information that I can apply at work and which often cause me to consider supply chain areas or opportunities that I may have otherwise overlooked."

    Supply Chain Executive $800M Food, Health, and Nutrition Company
  • "When I was first contacted to join Indago my initial thought was I do not need another form of communication coming my way that I really do not have time to read. Because of the people involved I decided to take a chance and it has greatly helped me and my organization. I spend very little time answering the weekly surveys but I do get great information in return. I share the research results with my entire team which helps them understand different industries/opportunities. One of the other benefits is the wide range of survey topics, focusing on technology, processes and most importantly, people. I now find my self excited to get the results of each survey to see if others have the same issues or better, they have a great idea to solve it."

    VP of Operations $100-$500M Retailer
  • "Indago provides an opportunity for industry members to share insights into best practices and industry trends. I appreciate gaining these insights as well as the opportunity to share my own. The surveys never take more than 4 minutes and are relevant and timely.”

    Senior Manager Transportation at $1B+ Food & Beverage Company

Indago practitioners have donated over $3,800 to

JDRF, American Cancer Society, Make A Wish, Feeding America and American Logistic Aid Network

*As of 12/31/2019