An Uncommon, Curated
Supply Chain Research Community

Indago offers a model for collecting and sharing supply chain and logistics research

Indago offers a unique model for collecting and sharing supply chain and logistics research. It introduces a new process to overcome the shortfalls of traditional market research. Indago research is derived through responses from the right people by vetting and validating every member of our curated community of supply chain and logistics professionals. Our response rate is exceptionally high since all community members agree to remain active and answer a minimal number of surveys per month.


Quick, Short Microsurveys

Indago supply chain management and logistics professionals are practitioners, and very busy, so surveys are short, applicable and relative to delivering the deepest insights. Indago’s microsurveys are just two to five questions that can be answered in less than five minutes — on the go via a cell phone or in the office on a laptop.

2-5 Minute Microsurveys

Complete Confidentiality

The confidentiality of our response community is a top priority. No company names or respondent contact information is ever shared with third parties, including our research sponsors. So, our members won’t receive unsolicited calls or emails from the community.

No Unsolicited Calls or Emails

Peer-to-Peer, Practitioner Research

In addition to receiving the research results, Indago members can submit their own questions on topics they would like to see answered by the community. This enables valuable peer-to-peer research that can be shared quickly to drive everyday business decisions that can save time, money, and resources – and accelerates innovation.

Save Time, Money and Resources

An Incentive to Give

Indago makes it easy for supply chain and logistics members to give back. Each member is paid for every survey they complete and they can choose to receive a cash payment once their balance reaches a certain amount. Or, they can choose to donate, through Indago, their proceeds to a charity partner that makes a difference in lives every day — such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), the American Cancer Society or the Make a Wish Foundation.

Make a Difference Every Day